“We’re thankful that you wear clothes.”


Back in the early 1960s, Arthur Fogelsanger purchased Balfurd Cleaners,
a drycleaning business that had been a staple of State College, PA, since 1927. He came up with a couple of simple, but effective ideas on how to give the company a more memorable identity.
The first was to give the delivery vehicles a bright coat of orange paint in order to attract attention.
“It’s not a good color on the color palette, but not too many people have orange vans so they get noticed,” noted Bob Fogelsanger, the third generation of the family to own the 91-year-old business who now runs it with his daughter, Monika Manter.
Another brilliant idea was to utilize a marquee sign outside that would emphasize services and specials for the first half of the month and then have a funny saying up for the rest. Past favorites include “Irony is the opposite of wrinkly” and an annual Thanksgiving one that decrees “We’re thankful that you wear clothes.”
The most popular one of all time found its way on the Internet a while back and went viral: “Drop your pants here and you will receive prompt attention.” The sign has become so popular that when the family didn’t put any messages up for a few months, many customers complained.
“It makes people notice our store because they’re driving by and wondering, ‘What does it say?’” Bob explained.
“It’s completely free for us,” Monika added. “It doesn’t cost a dime and makes such a big impact.”
An iconic restaurant and bar hotspot for students of Penn State University called the Corner Room was where Balfurd’s was originally located (in the basement no less). The business has always handled work from the college, including staff clothing and the band uniforms. READ THE ENTIRE ARTICLE

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