Doug’s Rug Care and The Art History of Rugs

oriental_1When you think of art you often do not immediately think of rugs. Well, visiting Doug’s Rug Care for the monthly after hours event of in August gave us an inside look at the passion and appreciation Doug Moerschbacher has for the craft and history of rug looming.

Doug presented our members with the opportunity to see him in action as well as learn a few things about the quality and features when investing in covering the floors of our homes and offices. We enjoyed his stories about rug making from fine hand knotted Persian rugs to identifying fakes sold as expensive silk. Knowing about lasting fibers and craftsman techniques, floor coverings also have a long history to their pleasing aesthetics.

Don’t be fooled by imitation fine rugs.

Doug can identify authentic silk, wool and quality craftsmanship. If you are investing in a beautiful floor covering to enhance your home or place of business, Doug can appraise and in some circumstances locate the quality rug you have been looking for.

Have that family heirloom rug repaired.

Another great service from Doug’s Rug Care. Frayed edges and ends can be repaired or trimmed and finished. If you have a lovely old rug before you make the mistake of getting rid of it call Doug first.

20190821_185748Big and Small Rugs Expertly Cleaned by a Real Pro

Doug Moerschbacher Certified Master Cleaner. Call him for that tricky big rug job. With a centrifuge able to handle super-large rugs, Doug can clean and spin using the most effective and gentle cleansers and he has the equipment to accommodate large oriental rugs.


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