Zip168 is a network of local businesses and service providers in the Centre Region whose mission is to welcome people who are new to the community and provide information about local services and opportunities for them and their families.  We want new members of the community to feel welcome and to become acclimated more quickly to the area.  We are also a resource for existing members so that they can find trusted service providers to meet their needs.  We serve as a networking avenue for everyone to learn of benefits and opportunities that our community has to offer.


Find Local Services Select from our great local service providers. Get the best right here on this site. Local Business Owners and Agents from all sorts of businesses are ready to serve you. Just click the contact links next to their service or visit their website.

Community Connections Browse this social page. Connect to local State College, Pa. events and happenings. We will direct you to popular community events and services. Sports, Arts, History, and outdoor adventures await you here. As well as local resources.

ZIP168 About Who are we? Local folks from State College, Pa.! That’s right . . . a group of happy business owners and agents who love Centre County and the folks who choose to live here. We know all about Happy Valley and are ready to help you get settled if you are new here or get great service and value when you need something done or just want to have fun.

Become a Member Want to learn about ZIP168? Fill out the contact form to have one of our members connect with you, get the basics and find out how you can come as a guest to experience one of our meetings.